Why should you care about alignment?


"Eight years of benchmarking data tells us that for B2B companies...  require cross-functional alignment. ...It is the only growth factor that your organization completely controls. Alignment... is responsible for between 5% and 36% of B2B 

growth. That amount translates into as much as 19% faster revenue growth and 15% 

more profit..."


Source: According to Christina McKeon, Research Director,  Sirius Decisions Inc., "Everyone Does It, No One Owns It" 18-Aug, 2015

Bridge The Gap of Silo Isolation. 

Enable Cross-Functional Alignment and Execution


Well architectured process driven implementation fuels cross-functional integration to enable successful enablement of execution to revenue. Team collaboration is key and requires clarity around goals, responsibilities and accountabilities of each and all roles and functions participating in a well communicated planning and executional process.


Global cross functional marketing planning and budgeting processes and communication, facilitation and planning delivery



Determine individual and cross-functional goals and objectives to support alignment



Drive alignment, integration to execution and ensure revenue generation is driving growth



Marketing and Sales Operations ability to execute Sales Enablement platforms




Develop and recommend optimal cross-functional  / international marketing frameworks based on industry best practices, yet customized to the organization's needs to enable successful implementation and execution



Design, socialize and agree on cross-functional service level agreements to set the right expectations and rules of the game for everyone who has skin in the game


Cross functional socialization

Create work teams and related processes from insight collection to point of view development and execution



Develop clear cross functional RACI (Role, Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) and GANT charts to develop role clarity, dependencies and deliverables within the growth plan's project management flows