A catalyst for change in the implementation process. We will brainstorm solutions to design best of class implementation processes, infuse best practices and organizational design to fit your needs and scope an implementation project. 


If you want us to design the entire implementation process mapping from strategy to execution, this is the right solution. It includes the above catalyst steps, a discovery & understanding phase and full development of a step by step implementation process. 


The integrator model is a fully comprehensive implementation to execution model where marketing2grow integrates your organization to lead the integration and execution process from within, as a chief implementation orchestrator, while your teams can stay focused on day to day activities.



When your teams are implementing and executing the implementation processes, coaching hours are usually the best to keep the implementation on track, help overcome unforeseen hurdles and challenges and more importantly review, manage and update the processes and  Service Level Agreements over time as the business grows, shifts and evolves. 

Engaging us is easy, flexible and effective


Flexible engagement options are available to customize each specific project allowing to infuse exactly the right support needed to fit any needs and resources. Any combination of the options below are possible, or we'll work with you to design one that fits. A tiered, sequential and adaptable fee structure comes along to enable small, mid-size or large engagements.