Deconstructing the Implementation Process to Democratize Integration, Alignment and Execution

Democratization of the implementation means that there's something to do for everyone in order to win together. By deconstructing the end goal, we reverse engineer to better understand all the necessary smaller contributor elements, tasks and steps in the value chain of execution so that we can assemble and align them optimally to achieve a set goal most effectively and efficiently. This process does not have to be linear and all categories below can be treated independently. The choice of strategy and frameworks sets the goals, which triggers alignment to leadership, talent and performance requirements. Global expansion consideration should come into play at this time if applicable. Then alignment and integration is required to provide the necessary requirements to enable demand, revenue marketing and sales to execute and deliver revenue and growth. 














There are many other aspects and intermediary steps, many of them have been highlighted within these respective categories so you can browse through these specific topics with clarity.

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